Adolescents and Adults

Having worked with people of all ages from diverse backgrounds I enjoy supporting people from all walks of life.

Life Transitions and Relationships:

I have strong skills in supporting people through life transitions; relationship concerns and breakdown and offer couple and family counselling. People so often need a safe, supportive space to be able to process and address the complexities of life change, new seasons and chapters we need to navigate with work, family, friends and relationships, this being an area of focus in my practice.

Anxiety- Social, Performance, and Public Speaking:

Anxiety is something that affects more people than we would imagine whether is be social anxiety, performance anxiety in the workplace, fear of public speaking of perhaps being related to obsessive compulsive behaviors (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I am experienced and equipped people to work through all forms of anxiety, finding the root of the issue and building skills for managing symptoms in day to day life.

Mood and Personality Disorders:

There are numerous forms of disorders and mental health conditions that affect people’s day to day functioning, well being and ability to engage in their lives.  I am trained in addressing Bipolar; Depression; Mania and Personality Disorders of all types.

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