Girls & Women

For Women and Girls

Emily is a feminist therapist, and counsellor in Melbourne, dedicated to the empowerment of all people, especially that of women and girls. With experience working alongside girls and women affected by sexual, emotional, psychological and physical violence, trauma and abuse, Emily is committed to working with girls and women to realise their full potential, and live safe and empowered lives.


  • The effects of trauma can suppress emotion and lead us to feeling disconnected, numb, anxious or depressed.

  • Emily brings trauma-based skills to her practice, gently and compassionately addressing the effects of trauma with survivors, allowing each person to choose the pace, nature and focus of their therapeutic journey.

  • Emily draws on Emotion Focused Therapy,  an evidence based,  person-centred approach to addressing trauma.

Myths in our society

There are numerous myths within our social culture, media and language that blame women and girls for the abuse and exploitation they experience- Emily is dedicated to supporting girls and women to find their own authentic stories, telling their own truths and busting any myths surrounding their personal experiences.


Emily is a passionate believer in gender equality and is dedicated to seeing each and every girl and woman free from all restictions she may face- internal or external, to realising her full potential and living a whole, rich and empowered life. Emily applies Feminist principles to her work, and understands how gender impacts on peoples experiences.

The inner strength and capacity of girls and women

Emily believes that each girl and woman has her own source of inner strength, wisdom, knowledge and is the expert of her own life, needs, dreams, desires and goals. Emily’s aim though her practice is to work along side women and girls to reconnect or connect more deeply to their own inner resources, skills and capacity.

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